Baseless Propaganda Against Chilakur Nalagonda Vedic Schools

Tirupati, 10 Mar. 21:  Denying the false reports by a section of media over the closure of Chilakur and Nalgonda Veda Pathashalas, TTD clarified in view of the COVID pandemic, it has shifted 15 students from Chilakur Veda pathashala to Keesaragutta.


However, some vested interests spit venom via media that TTD has closed Chilakur and Nalgonda Vedic schools which is completely void of truth.


In United Andhra Pradesh, TTD has commenced Veda Pathashala in Chilakur of Rangareddy District in 2011. The then government decided to allocate 8acres of land to construct TTD Veda Pathashala at Chilakur. TTD has commenced Veda Pathashala in a Rotary Club, which is lying vacant after carrying out renovation works on a temporary basis.


TTD is waiting to construct a new Veda Pathshala at Chilkur if the state (TS) government comes forward and allocate 8 acres of land. The strength of this Vedic school is 15 since its inception. Though the strength has not increased, TTD has been running this school uninterruptedly from the past 11 years. TTD has sought the TS government to allocate 8acres of land in Chilakur many times. 


The Veda pathashala at Nalgonda is also functioning in a smooth manner. But some vested interests are trying to malign the image of TTD by spreading false news. TTD is appealing to devotees and denizens of two Telugu states not to believe such baseless reports. 


TTD is committed to construct Veda Pathashala at Chilakur if the government allots the land.

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