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Terrace restaurant is opened grandly today by MS.Kalavakuntla Kavita garu (MP) & Shri, Justice B.Subhashan Reddy. Lokyuktha-Telangana & AP on 12th of March 2016. 

The Owners of Ulavacharu Restaurant Mr.Vinaya Reddy, Mr. Vijay Reddy, Mr. Ravi Raju   and   Chef Yadagiri   said: - Now the Ulavacharu become the new look, feel & comfort with the same unbeatable taste of Telugu Cuisine. So All food lovers  can visit Ulvacharu now  easily.


Saradhi Studios re launched today

Saradhi Studio is oldest film studio in Hyderabad, after renovation today it was relaunched, Director Raghavedra Rao ingurated Dubbing, editing wing, Senior Director K Viswnath Launched Studios official website and Dasari Narayana Rao Ingurated Saradhi Preview Theatere 

Shri Saradhi Studios re launched after renovation

Telugu Cinema originated from the city of Madras. During the year 1937, when telugu cinema was dominated by fantasy and folklore movies, then famous Journalist Gudavalli Ramabrahmam , Cherlapalli Raja yarlagadda Siva rama Prasad and his brother raja yarlagadda Ramakrishna started Saradhi banner and produced social movies such as Malapilla and Raithubidda. Both the movies were blockbusters in their own right. Those were the days when certain sections of people were questioned over power disputes. A movie named Rojulu maarayi based on that point was produced on this banner and it became another blockbuster. Hindi and Urdu based movies were made in Hyderabad in those days. In 1956, 100 days function of Rojulu Maarayi was conducted in a grand manner in Hyderabad. One can assume that it was the first Telugu movie function that happened in Hyderabad.
The then revenue minister of the state, K.V.Rangareddy suggested to Raja brothers that they construct a studio that renders the needs of Telugu movies. Taking that suggestion to heart, Raja brothers started construction of the studio in Ameer pet in spacious 11 acres. The studio started its regular operations from the year 1958. L.V.Prasad, Gummadi and Jamuna starrer Ma inti mahalakshmi is the first movie that is shot in studio. From that point on, various language movie shootings started in the studio. Many actors started their careers in this illustrious studio and many of them went on to become legendary actors.
Producers from Madras who wanted to produce Telugu movies made saradhi studios as their home and produced many movies. Saradhi studios gradually became hub for movies that were made in various languages. Gradually, Navayuga Srinivasa Rao took over the studio and successfully ran over 50 illustrious years.
Money should not be the solo motive of film making. Producers and studios should have respect for the art and the knack of selecting different stories for the projects. One of the many persons who have that great respect for the art is M.S.R.V.Prasad garu. He took over the reins of the illustrious studio. When Raja brothers started constructing the studio, they had a single point agenda that Telugu movies should be made in Hyderabad. M.S.R.V Prasad garu took that as an inspiration and worked hard to remodel the studio that can accommodate various technical needs of current generation movies. Many technical wings are being attached to the current studio that is aimed to bring laurels to Telugu Kalama thalli.
Preview Theater
State of the art Preview Theater is constructed to allow the screenings of new movies. Along with the preview theater, Digital Intermediate studio, editing suits, Dubbing Theater, recording studio are also constructed with the latest technology.
Animation and Visual Effects
Cinema is a medium that allows audiences to slip into an imaginary world and entertain them, moves them, makes them think and act. In order to involve the audiences with their unique storytelling, film makers sometimes visualize their scenes with animations and visual effects. Animation and Vfx are mandatory technologies that present generation movie makers are using. That is the main reason that Saradhi Studios ventured into this department and made state of the art Animation studio with technically rich technicians.
Digital Intermediate Lab
DI is crucial part of movie making that allows the movie makers to improve the quality of the movie. Keeping that in mind, Studios included DI lab which has all the modern facilities to do the grading. There are methods for Blu ray conversions in this wing.
Digital Marketing Division
Twitter, Facebook,YouTube are some of many social media that are used to market movies these days. This wing specializes in marketing plans of movies. Specialties of this wing are to start a website and mobile apps and to do digital campaigns for the movies. So, the movies can get maximum publicity in this division.
Website goal of Saradhi Studios:
The main purpose of this website is to be a genuine well-wisher, a bridge between older and new generation and to be a fierce warrior in this day of digital age. The first and foremost duty of this website is to broadcast cinema related news in genuine tone. The second duty is to encourage new and aspiring talent.
Primarily the goal of this website is to provide cinema related news in a positive way. Main objective of Cine Saradhi is to become Cine Varadhi to all the readers.

Prakash Raj Launches Prakash RajVeg Mantra at Chitrapuri Colony

Prakash Raj Launches Prakash RajVeg Mantra at Chitrapuri Colony in Hyderabad


Sonakshi Sinha at Inglots's Guinness World Records attempt

Sonakshi Sinha at the event of Inglots attempt to enter the Guinness world record for the most number of people painting their fingernails simultaneously, on the occasion of Women's Day in Mumbai on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016


Women's day Celebrations

International Women's Day Celebrated at Raj Bhavan on 08-03-2016

Telugu Television Writers Association women day celebrations

Telugu Telivision writer's Association celebrated Women day at Film Producer's Council  Hall in Hyderbad today (08th Mar) morning


Hon'ble Minister Sri Talasani Srinivas Yadav visit to begumpet airport

 Hon'ble Minister  Talasani Srinivas Yadav visit Begumpet airport to welcome TS CM K Chandrashekara Rao who is arriving from Mumbai tomorrow