Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Popular Novel "ATHADUU ADAVINI JAYINCHADU" on silver screen

                         Athadu Advini Jayinchadu Published in 1984, this book continues to attract readers for over three decades even till today. Written by well known Telugu novelist Dr Kesava Reddy, it is set to become a feature film now. DSN FILMS has bought the worldwide film making rights for the novel. With international filmmaker Dulam Satyanarayana  set to helm the project and with a couple of other co-producers in tow, the film is soon going to be seen on the silver screen.

                 "I think the story has the capability to attract the international audiences, the film will be produced on a high budget with high technical and aesthetic values. This film will be made well enough to screen at international film festivals like  Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Toronto,Busan and chances to  qualify  to select for  the Oscars too. We arecurrently discussing with international technicians for the project,” said the  director Dulam Satyanarayana..

                Dulam Satyanarayana has worked on several international documentaries so


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