Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Seeking Legal Opinion From Our Legal Advisors - TTD Eo

Tirumala, 5 June 2018: TTD EO
Anil Kumar Singhal said that the board has also unanimously agreed to take agama advisors opinion on display of Srivari Jewels and  legal opinion from its legal advisors to proceed further to clear the doubts surrounding jewels among pilgrims.

Reacting to queries of media persons on Tuesday evening in the press conference at Annamaiah Bhavan, the EO reiterated that all jewels are safe as per records. We are ready for display of jewels if the agama advisors permits us to do so. He also said, we have also consulted our legal advisors, on how to proceed legally against those who raised doubts about the safety of jewels to clear the ambiguity among the pilgrims, he asserted.

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