Srivari Agarabatis to Spread Fragrance in Devotees Households Soon

 Devotees of Sri Venkateswara Swamy across the globe begins their daily routine to the divine chant of Sri, Seshasaila, Garudachala, Venkatadri, Narayanadri, Vrishabhadri, one of the most important phrases in the famous Suprabhatam comprising the names of Seven sacred hills.


Soon the devotees will experience the divine aroma of Abhayahasta, Tandanana, Divya pada, Akrusti, Shrusti, Tushti, Drusti-the Seven iconic incense sticks manufactured by TTD in their households.


The preparation of incense sticks or Agarbattis out of the used aromatic flower garlands gathered from all the TTD temples will be ready to scent the houses of devotees from next week onwards.

The TTD management conceived the project of reusing tons of flower garlands used in all its temples daily and in huge quantities during festivals and special occasions as Agarbattis instead of dumping them in the garbage.

After several consultations, it entered into an agreement with Bengaluru-based Darshan International Private Limited to produce Agarbattis in a cost-effective and non-profit way.

As per the agreement, TTD provided required land and civil constructions to the company which installed machinery and required staff and started experimental production of Agarbattis a few days ago.


All the used flowers and garlands are transported by the TTD garden department to SV Goshala Agarbatti Production Centre where trained personnel categorise the flowers and mechanically dry and transform the residue into powder.

Thereafter the powder is mixed with chemicals and water into a paste which is then produced as Agarbatti sticks. Later they are dried in machines for 15-16 hours and soaked in aromatic liquid again in another machine. After another round of drying they are packed in machines for the final product-the divine aromatic Agarbattis.

TTD has installed ten state of art machinery to produce 3.5 lakh Agarbattis daily. The pricing details of these seven iconic Agarbattis as follows.

1. Abhayahasta : 100 grams  at 

2. Tandanana.   : 100 grams at 

3. Divya pada: 100 grams at 

4. Akrusti : 65 grams at 

5. Shrusti:   65 grams at 

6. Tushti: 65 grams at 

7. Drusti: 65 grams at 


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