Thursday, June 14, 2018

SRS Productions India Launch

SRS Productions India is an advertising and production company. The company does planning, managing promotional and other forms of advertising for its clients. 

Projects completed by the company are mentioned below: 

Manithi - Iraivi (Iraivi film's promo song) 

Jeyas spices commercial 

Meenakshi misson hospital and research Centre - promotional video. 

Our current project is "Thaai Engal Tamizh Naadey" is a song video Covering the entire state of Tamilnadu documenting its natural marvels, art forms and it's rich cultural heritage. 

The song has been Composed by Mr.Santhosh narayanan and 
Mr. Vijay karthik kannan has done cinematography. This has been shot for more than 5 years to portray every place and art form at it's best. 

The company is also working on a webseries for which soon production will begin.  

The companies CEO was awarded   "The best promo idea of the year 2017 " for meenakshi mission hospital and research center promotion.  

The company planned to go much more bigger this time than before and Hence we have started a official office at Chennai, Mugapair. 

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