Tuesday, June 12, 2018

TTD Introduces one day Donation Scheme in Annaprasadam

Tirumala, 12 June 2018: The temple administration of TTD has introduced one day donation scheme in SV Annaprasadam.

Elaborating on the scheme, Tirumala JEO KS Sreenivasa Raju told media on Tuesday that the donors can contribute for one day meals or even bear the expenditure separately for morning breakfast,  lunch and dinner also, he added.

For one entire day, the donation amount is Rs.26lakhs while for breakfast it is Rs.6lakhs and for lunch and dinner it is Rs.10lakhs each for the entire scheme. The privileges will be extended to the donors as per the norms prescribed for existing donation Trusts and scheme.

If is for one whole, the donor will get the privilege equivalent on par with the donors contributing between Rs.10lakhs to one crore. While those contributing for lunch and dinner will get the privileges equal to donations made between Rs.10lakhs and below one crore. For those who are bearing cost of breakfast will enjoy the privileges of donors who contribute Rs.5lakhs to Rs.10lakhs.

Apart from this, the TTD will also give an opportunity to one person to render service in Annaprasadam and their names will also be displayed on the screen in Annaprasadam Complex, the JEO added.

Special Officer Annaprasadam

S Venugopal, PRO and Donor Cell In-charge DyEO Dr T Ravi were also present.

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