Wednesday, June 6, 2018

You are the Torch Bearers of TTD - TTD JEo to Call Centre Staff


Tirupati, 6 June 2018: Describing the staffs working in TTD Call Centre, Information Centre and May I Help You Counters as "Torch Bearers" of TTD, Tirupati JEO P Bhaskar directed them to enhance their levels of patience while dealing with the pilgrims.

The second phase of two-day training class to Call Centre, Information Centre and May I Help You Counters staffs took place in SVETA building on Wednesday in Tirupati. JEO who took part in the inaugural session, said, every day TTD Call Centre staffs are attending to nearly 2000-3000 calls by pilgrims across the country as well the world. As such, you need to be more patient even if the pilgrim on the other side is arrogant in his or her approach. Always keep in your mind that the way you react with the pilgrim, ultimately reflects on the image of the institution. TTD has commenced the training programme for days in every month to the call centre staffs from last month on wards. "In the next phase training session, the concerned HoDs will also be included in the training programme to clear the doubts of the call centre staff to give replies with more perfection, to the frequently asked questions they usually receive from the pilgrims", he added.

Later GM Transport and IT Wing Chief

Sesha Reddy interacted with the staff members of call centres and cleared their doubts related to IT services. He also informed them to be updated on the happenings in TTD, especially with respect to pilgrim services. "Mostly 90% of the information is static like the arjitha sevas, festivals etc. You should be careful with the remaining 10% dynamic information that includes on-line services, accommodation, refund etc. which keeps on changing from time to time", he maintained.

In the evening session, Sapthagiri Chief Editor Dr Radha Ramana cleared the doubts raised by the call centre staffs. SVETA Director In-charge Col.Chandrasekhar Manda, APRO Ms P Neelima were also present.

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