Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dasa Sahitya Activity is Impeccable - TTD Chairman

Tirupati, 14 July 2018 :
 The Traimasika Metlotsavam by Dasa Sahitya Project of TTD is impeccable in the spread of Hindu Sanatana Dharma, said TTD Trust Board Chairman Sri Putta Sudhakar Yadav.

Addressing over 3000 Bhajanaparas in III Chowltry premises on Saturday evening the Chairman said, Traimasika Metlotsavam is being observed four times in a year and rendering the devotional songs of Lord trekking Alipiri footpath is the best way to get His benign blessings", he added.

Earlier in his religious discourse, HH Sri Sri Vidyaprasanna Teertha Swamy of Kukke Subrahmanya Mutt from Karnataka said, Lord Sri Krishna taught in Bhagavat Gita that the best way to attain salvation is by the way of "Hari Nama Smarana". He complimented Dasa Sahitya Project Special Officer Dr P Ananda Teerthacharyalu for successfully taking ahead the religious fete in a big way from the past many years.


On Saturday morning shobha yatra in connection with Traimasika Metlotsavam held in Tirupati.

The procession commenced from Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple and reached III Chowltry amidst the bhajans by thousands of Bhajanaparas.

Temple DyEO Smt Varalakshmi, Special Officer Dr P Ananda Teerthacharyalu of Dasa Sahitya Project were also present.

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