Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hill Lord Rides on Hamsa Vahanam

Tirumala, 14 September 2018: On the second day evening of the ongoing annual Brahmotsavams on Friday, Sri Malayappaswamy was taken out for a procession on Hamsa (Swan) vahanam, in the attire of Goddess Saraswathi the deity of wisdom, holding Veena in the hands. 

Hamsa or swan is a symbol of purity. It is believed to have a high intellectual capability and can distinguish the good from the bad. Hamsa is also symbolized as the vehicle of Goddess Saraswathi. 

By riding on Hamsa Vahanam; Lord Venkateswara gave a message that He is the supreme God of learning and also the significance of education  in turning around one's life. Swan or Hamsa also stands out for its capabilities to weed out the good from the bad. This denotes that Lord Venkateswara as Hamsa vahanaroodha(the rider of swan vehicle) will weed out the bad qualities in a human being and retain only the good virtues.

TTD Chairman P Sudhakar Yadav, EO Anil Kumar Singhal, JEO KS Sreenivasa Raju, TTD Board Members Challa Ramachandra Reddy, Smt Sudha Narayanamurthy, P Ramesh Babu, Addl CVSO Sivakumar Reddy, VGO Raveendra Reddy, Temple DyEO

Haridranath and others were also present.

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