Monday, October 15, 2018

Braving Inclement Weather Conditions, Lakhs Witness Garuda Seva

Tirumala, 14 October 2018:Braving the inclement weather conditions, Lakhs of pilgrims witnessed Garuda Seva on Sunday evening in Hill town of Tirumala, giving the stance of True Devotion.

The entire day, was hot sunny day while heavy down pour started, when the Garuda Vahanam is about to start. Braving the two varied weather conditions, the pilgrims who occupied every inch of gallery from 6am itself, glued to their seats till Garuda Vahanam is over by late hours of Sunday night.


TTD Trust Board Chairman Sri P Sudhakar Yadav thanked all the pilgrims for their patience and co-operation and making the mega religious event a grand success.


TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, moved by the devotion of pilgrims interacted with them at each gallery and even took selfies. Some pilgrims, Srivari Seva volunteers, artistes performing in front of Vahanam took photoshoots with EO. The Haryana artists also wore "Pagadi" (A traditional head wear with long cloth) to EO and expressed their pleasantries.


Meanwhile, Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju who personally monitored the procession of Sri Malayappa Swamy on Garuda Vahanam, ensured pleasant darshan to devotees who have been waiting from the past twelve hours in the four mada streets to catch a glimpse of Vahanam, by halting the celestial vehicle before each gallery. As soon as the Vahanam stopped, the devotees raised from their places like a wave, chanting Govinda, Govind with divine ecstasy in rhythm, to which the entire hill town reverberated.


On the other hand, the unique dance forms performed by various cultural troupes hailing from different states across the country stood as a special attraction before the Vahana Seva. The traditional Artform from Tamilnadu carrying a heavy arch with mouth on side and carrying a person on lap on other side excited the pilgrims about the Balancing Act. While the Hiranyakasipa - Prahlada get ups, Konguburralu, Manipuri dance, Ravana Garvabhangam, the drum beats from Pune, Udipi, Haryana etc, were tastefully performed by concerned artistes.

The devotees cheered the artistes by clapping along with their beats and enjoyed the cultural programmed which lasted during the entire Vahana Seva.


When the entire two lakh capacity of galleries located in four mada streets were full to their capacity, every inch of Tirumala is also occupied by pilgrims. The giant LED screens placed by Radio and Broadcasting department of TTD at different locations helped tens of thousands of pilgrims to witness the grandeur of Garuda Seva as they glued to the huge screens. The food and water distribution by Annaprasadam and Health departments with the help of Srivari Sevakulu and pilgrim crowd management by Scouts and Guides added to the success of incident free Garuda Seva.

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