Saturday, October 13, 2018

Haryana Dancers Stage Krishna Leelas at Brhmotsavams

Tirumala, 13 October 2018: Haryana group dancers are slated to enact Krishna leela- episodes from mythological lore’s at the ongoing Navaratri Brahmotsavams on the mada streets.

"Our popular dance balled is Angane Me Nandalala ' says Hriday Kaushal, one of the three cultural officials from Haryana govt. They will also perform few folk dances of the Haryana but most of their acts will be based lord on Lord Krishna only. 

Hyderabad Art and cultural officers Hdriday Kaushal, Deepika Rani and Suman Dangi have brought a contingent of 17 artists including eight women (youngest of 17 year old) for performance on Mada streets and also in some auditoriums of tirumala and Tirupati during their 2 days stay. 

Speaking on the sidelines at Media center Suman Dangi said that they had several devotional dance   drama choreographed and ready for staging to enthuse the art lovers of the temple town.

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