Sunday, October 14, 2018

Srivaari Seva Volunteers Offer Impeccable Services During Garudotsavam

Tirumala, 14 October 2018:About 3500 Srivari Seva Volunteers rendered impeccable services to the pilgrims who thronged to Tirumala to witness Garuda Vahana Seva on Sunday evening. All the galleries were full to their capacity by 10am itself.

To ensure that food and water being served to every pilgrim visiting Tirumala to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara as well Garudotsavam and waiting in galleries since early hours of Sunday, TTD has made elaborate arrangements of food and water with the help of Srivari Sevakulu.

About 250 Srivari Seva volunteers prepared the packing of two lakh food packets in Vaikuntham Queue Complex 2 and Pilgrims Amenities Complex 2 during the wee hours on Sunday for nearly 7 hours under the supervision of Special Officer Annaprasadam Sri S Venugopal and Catering Officer Sri GLN Shastry.

The volunteers have distributed one bottle to every pilgrim entering into the gallery and later filled up with water from the 100 litre water drums placed in four corners of each gallery of the four mada streets.

As the lines went out side up to 3km, after filling of all compartments in Vaikuntham since Saturday morning and the food and water are also served to these pilgrims by the volunteers at regular intervals. 

On the other hand, about 1000 Scouts and Guides managed the pilgrim crowd at various vital areas in Tirumala and offered a supporting hand to TTD vigilance and security sleuths in crowd management.

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