Saturday, November 3, 2018

Plastic Ban for Healthy Living - TTD JEo

Tirupati, 3 November 2018: To keep the environs healthy for future generations, TTD has decided to observe plastic ban after November 10, said, Tirumala JEO KS Sreenivasa Raju.

Speaking to media persons in Tirupati on Saturday at TTD Transport office, he said, over the request of shop owners this ban date has been extended from November 1. Once we get the approval from Executive officer
Anil Kumar Singhal we will implement in Tirumala.

In Tirupati, from October 2, they have been successfully and strictly implementing the plastic ban to make Tirupati city healthy. Similar way, we want to implement the same in Tirumala. Because of its global reputation, if the ban is implemented in hill town, the message will have a wider reach and will have more impact on pilgrims. Once the ban is implemented in Tirumala, we will appeal to the pilgrims to follow the ban, he maintained.

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