Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ankurarpanam - The Seed Sowing Festival Base for mega Ritual

Tiruchanoor, December 2, 2018:Ankurarpanam for the annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple is a festival of prelude that is being observed on a day before Navahnika brahmotsavams.


In this ritual, holy soil is collected in nine mud pots and this ritual is known as Mritsanrahanam which acts as a significant episode in the Ankurarpanam event. This is often performed in the north-east direction in the Friday Gardens of the Ammavari temple.

Later prayers are offered to Sri Bhuvarahaswamy followed by Gayatri  Anusthanam and Bhusukta Parayanam are rendered and Baliharanam is performed where in Rice mixed with Til is offered.

That sacred spot is cleaned with the urine and dung of desi Cow and then red soil from  snake pits  are taken to the  Yagashala where the Nava dhanyas are sown.
Later Nivedana, Baliharanam, Nirajanam, Mantra pushpam, and prasadam are rendered.

It is believed that the metre of success is ranged with the efficiency levels of the growth of seeds in the mid pots during these nine days of brahmotsavams.

Akahanda Deeparadhana: At the Yagashala Akhandha Deeparadhana is performed where in ghee lamp is lit and ensured that it persists during these nine days without litting off the light. Both Ankurarpanam and Akhanda Deeparadhana are considered to be two most important rituals that indicates the grand successful conduct of the mega event.

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