Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ooty Cherries Enhance Glamour of Goddess

Tiruchanoor, 5 December 2018: Among the religious events in ongoing annual Navahnika Karthika Brahmotsavams in Tiruchanoor Snapana Tirumanjanam has a significant place.

According to Pancharathra Agama Advisor Sri Archakam Manikantha Bhattar, this ritual is also known as "Poustika Karma" or "Poustika Snaanam" which enhances the power Goddess and is observed for ten days upto Pushpa yagam starting from the day of Dhwajarohanam.

While Sri Gopi Swamy who pla nmn 1ys key role behind the colourful and interesting decorations to deities with varieties of fruits and flowers said for the first time Ooru Cherries are used for decorating Divine Mother. 

Snapanam was performed with milk, honey, curd, coconut water and turmeric. During every interval, the processional deity of Sri Padmavathi Devi is decked with each type of fruit or floral garland which included the one with Apricots, Black grapes, Small Amla, pink roses, red roses, Anjeer and Tulasi garlands

The Garden wing Deputy Director Sri Srinivasulu said, the mandapam where the celestial Snapanam takes place is decked with Sweet Corn and orchids. "The entire decoration is by the largesse of donors and every three days the theme will be changed with fresh decoration", he added.

The devotees who took part in the fete on Wednesday were enthralled by the beauty and grace of Goddess during this "Shrama Pariharotsavam".

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