Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pancharathra Agma Vidhi in Tiruchanoor Temple

Tiruchanur , December 1 2018 : The annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Padmavati Ammavaru Temple ,Tiruchanoor is perforated as per the traditions of the Pancha Rathra Agamas which has its own unique norms and practices as laid down in the Vaikhanasa sect of Sri Vaishnavism.
It is said that the Pancha Ratha Agamas are framed on the direct  dictation of the  presiding diety of Sri Padmavathi Devi of how to perform Archanas, daily rituals, special rituals, festivals etc. It also laid down norms to be followed by Kankana Bhattar who supervised all the rituals and also the duties and functions of  theYajamani ( temple chief).


Pancha meant five and Ratha means Nights. Each day is dedicated to a deity and during these nights the Serpent King Anantudu, Garukmantudu, Viswakshenamurti, Chaturmukha Brahma, and Parameswarudu are invoked. It is a divine science to ward off the ignorance of the human beings in service of  Lord . The Pancharatha Agamas also explained188 puja methods as engraved in the Sri Padma Samhita. It is the compendium of traditions and practices now followed in daily rituals at Sri Padmavati Ammavari Temple.

All the  Utsavavams, Brahmotsvams, Teppotsavams ,Vasantotsavams, Navaratri Utsavams,  Sundararaja swamivari Avatarotsavams, Nitya utsavavams and events held in connection with Sankranti festival and and Granahanas etc. observed and also all Arjita sevas etc. I'm the temple are performed as per the norms mentioned in the Pancha Ratha Agamas.


The Chatustarchana ritual has a great significance in the Sri Padmavati Ammavari Temple during annual Brahmotsavams. This event is performed every day at the Yagashala from    5-6 AM in the morning and  again 4- 5.30 Pm in the evening by the temple archakas. The objective of the ritual is to ward off the evil forces in the society and ensure the conduct of Navahnika Karthika Brahmotsavams in a smooth manner.

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