Thursday, January 10, 2019

The film will philai abhimanilagane - Boyapati Seenu

Megapavarstar rancaran, Kiara Advani directed by Boyapati rupondutonna hero and the heroine of the film 'vinayavidheyarama. On January 11, the film will be released in divividanayya Sankranti. Speaking on the occasion, the director Boyapati Seenu ...
- so ramudayyadu humility is obedience. He loyalist of the family. Is that any level of loyalty that you'll see in the movie.
- Ram Charan in this film, the trailer looks like Iron Man is looking to cut out. The body of the maturity of the day, not four years ago. He was forced to take time for Perfection. This is the right time for this movie.
- I've been to the movies' strong 'to begin from the "loyal and humble Rama' first goal of the Foundation is to imosans family. .. assuming the scope of the story, and the rest of society, the latter think about things.
- Prepare and Ram Charan ceppinapappudu sequence of Azerbaijan, it was not the time for more than 2 months. I know that it is difficult nowadays, you hear a voice that wrapped Sukanyaa hurriedly departed. He was not sure that even taking, as well as, I believe, so hard together.
- "dutiful and humble Rama Vision Ram Charan from the visual to the main connectivity .. If not, he would not have it.
- What is the film festival. Artist cercalante to festival fans should trust me. I have ten times the GDP size of exercises before them, they nammalante me, those who have to come to the pier Ins. I am going to become more involved in the story of the artists in this process. X-Plane will ceppetappude story, including the effects.
- Mass, the family, along with the elements of a new point in the film `Rise ramalo have loyal and humble. Adiyenski will reach it.
- Characters in the movie are also available to those who did not take. An IAS officer, said hiroki big brother ... who this character is taken to be in perfect sync. So Prashant. Everything is so close to levels at least age to come close to the performance of Decision has been taken.
- Vivek oberaygarinini meeting that the first thing he said, 'I will not'. I'm a history of blood, "the film made. However, the same level again, unless the film is a pretty big deal alocincanandi said. .. Well, sir, but you do not, I said, listen to the character. Whether it's heard .. gave dates. Committee came out with the same investment, skill .. left.
- That is my view of the film to be in full color. So go ahead and opt for more certainty in the urban backdrop. Family is so rich backdrop anpistundemo film ..
- A producer of the film, the main character of the skin. Nadaina be a good glass of juice. So Ram Charan, saying that it was better for me garaitene DVV. He is due to the day it comes into the movie so great is Possible.
- I liked the most in the same Ram Charan. He will not be satisfied with the original. Think of how to do something that had not yet been accomplished. ... and the kid is watching the film, the film is edugutune.
- I can not do small films. Audiences typically expect from me as to whether it should be 100% nenanukunta. X pektesans same, and beyond, in other words, if the product does not match .. So I do small films. Even if I'm in the biopic, which is too short to be compulsory.
- A hero of the film, and the hiroki will abhimaninai. Charan wrote the story for the film rasukunnappudu philai even see the front sitlokurcuni. Hiroki do as well. It is also such a film.

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