Saturday, June 1, 2019

Coconut Breaking has its own Devotional Way

Tirumala, 31 May 2019: Everything associated with Tirumala has its own significance. Be it Laddu or human hair or annaprasadam or anything else. Similar is the devotional importance linked with the breaking of coconuts by devotees as a mark of offering to Lord for fulfilling their wish. 

The history of Coconut breaking goes back to several decades and this activity is carried out throughout  day and night. There is a standard practice of breaking coconuts at "Akhandam" or "Akhilandam" an exclusive platform located in front of Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple in Tirumala.

Such a practice of lightning camphor and breaking coconuts by rich, poor, VIPs and common devotees implies giving up arrogance and total surrendering before Lord
The pedestrian pilgrims strongly believe that their "Yatra" to Tirumala is not complete till they break coconuts and light camphor at Akhilandam after darshan of Lord Venkateswara.

TTD sells coconut and camphor for Rs.25 and the marketing department of TTD procures 12-15,000 coconuts daily. Around 4 members potu  staff and 60 Srivari Sevakulu working in 3 shifts and earn income of ₹2-3 lakhs to TTD through the sale of coconuts.

TTD staff from Anna Prasadam wing collect broken  coconut  (about 1000 kgs daily) from Akhilandam daily and supply it to Anna Prasadam Bhavan,PAC-2,Employees Canteen, Padmavathi Rest House, Dharmagiri Veda Pathasala and Srivari temple kitchens which will be used to prepare chutneys, used in curries etc .Remaining coconut  shells are sold to contractors at prefixed rates.

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