Sunday, June 30, 2019

ISO Recognition to BIRRD and SV Ayurvedic Hospitals

Tirupati, 29 Jun. 19: After the reception wing of Tirupati, the TTD hospitals had won the prestigious recognition by International Organisation for Standardization(ISO). 

The ISO certificates for TTD run BIRRD and SV Ayurvedic hospitals have been handed over to the TTD EO Sri Anilkumar Singhal and Tirupati JEO Sri B Lakshmikantham in the respective hospitals on Saturday by the ISO officials. Speaking on the occasion, the JEO said that in the last three months 12 TTD institutions won the recognition which itself is rare record across the world, he added.

ISO Director Sri Karthikeyan along with EO and JEO verified the Kayachikitsalayam, Panchakarma, Salakya, Salyatantra, pediatric wards in the Ayurvedic hospital and OP ward, reception areas in BIRRD.

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