Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Vice-President and his Family Mrs had Launch at Annaprasada Bhawan

Tirumala, 4 Jun. 19: The Honourable Vice-President of India, Sri M Venkaiah Naidu had lunch at Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasada Bhavanam (MTVAC) in Tirumala on Tuesday afternoon.

The Vice-Prez along with 16 other members of his family tasted the delicious food that is being served to pilgrims in the massive Annaprasadam Hall. 

Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju also accompanied the VIP Protocol delegate.


Earlier 16-members from the family of Vice President of India Sri M Venkaiah Naidu, including his spouse Smt. Usha, Daughter Smt Deepa and others rendered service at MTVAC. 

All the members got registered for Srivari Seva at the Srivari Seva Sadan on Tuesday morning as per norms. They also took part in Satsang and orientation class held at the Seva Sadan complex. 

Later wearing Uniform, Scarves, ID card, apron and gloves, they rendered service in annaprasadam complex. As a part of the seva, they served menu, water, removed the banana leaves after the pilgrims completed their consumption of Annaprasadam. 

They expressed immense satisfaction for getting an opportunity to render service to pilgrims.

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