Tirupati, 27 Aug. 19:  TTD Executive officer Sri Anil Kumar Singhal said all precautions and vigilant steps were taken by TTD in the preservation of devotees contributions of Gold and silver ornaments and others with proper documentation in the treasury.

Speaking to reporters at the TTD administrative building on Tuesday evening the EO denied reports of laxity and carelessness in preserving the devotees' contributions and said stringent actions were taken against such erring officials if any.

He said all the devotee’s contributions were safely and systematically brought to the treasury of TTD administrative building where an AEO rank official recorded them and kept the ornaments in lockers. In the event of a transfer of the officials, there would be a total inspection of all items in the presence of outgoing, and incoming officials in the presence of Vigilance, concerned DyEO and accounts officials.

The AEO Sri M Srinivasulu had personally reported of some shortages of ornaments worth totaling of  7,36,375 as per certification of October 10, 2017, and also some additions.

He said among the excess items were some gold silver ornaments, precious stones, gold plated jewels.

The EO said after investigations the then AEO Sri Srinivasulu was held responsible for the shortfall in ornaments cited above and at the rate of 
25,000 per month, an amount of 2.25 lakhs have so far been recovered from him.

He said on the appeal of the said AEO the TTD has agreed to undertake certification once again in September next and where the truth about shortages could become more transparent.

The EO said in the event if the alleged shortlisted items were not found, the TTD would take action for the full recovery of the total amount cited above and also initiate Departmental disciplinary proceedings as well on the Concerned AEO Srinivasulu. The items said to be in excess would be listed added to the registry of the treasury.

Additional FACAO Sri Ravi Prasad, Treasury and inventory DyEO Sri Devendrababu were present.

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