Atti Varadar and Garuda Gamana Govinda by Cynosure for Brahmotsavams

Tirumala, 28 Sep. 19: The setting of Atti Varadaraja Swamy of Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu and the sand art image of Garuda Gamana Govinda are going to be special attraction during annual brahmotsavams at Tirumala this year. 

Every year,  the Garden wing of TTD comes out with unique mythological concepts for its exhibition which acts as a cynosure for the multitude of visiting pilgrims.   

According to Deputy Director Garden Department,  since, the recently organised mega religious event of Atti Varadaraja Swamy in Kanchi attracted the attention of global devotees,  they conceived on the concept. "We all know that Atti Varadaraja Perumal grabbed the notice globally as the deity gave darshan after 40 years and the next darshan will be only in 2059. So this time have set up three postures of the deity in standing, lying and submerged in Ananta Sarovaram",  he added.

While the sand art is conceptualized on "Garuda Gamana Govinda" with Maha Vishnu sitting on His favourite carrier Garuda. The famous Saikat Art sisters from Bengaluru,  Ms. Nanjundaswy Gowri and Ms Neelambika worked close to two days to make the image.

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