Pravin Srivastava,Secretary,GoI,MoSPI, & CSI Addresses Trainee Civil Servants atDr. MCR HRD Institute

“Big Data can help India govern better. Data, if analysed properly, canaid in achieving sustainable development goals and thereby improving the quality of life of people”--Sri Pravin Srivastava

Sri Pravin Srivastava, ISS, Secretary to Government of India,Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI) & Chief Statistician of India,addressed the trainee Civil Servants who are undergoing 94th Foundation Course at Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana. The theme of his presentation was “Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in India: Use of Big Data”.
In his address, Sri Pravin Srivastava stated that the SDGs revolve around achieving such ambitious goals as no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work, and economic growth. He underlined the importance of monitoring,at national and state levels,and scientifically measuring the outcomes of policies to achieve the targets relating to different SDGs.

“While such traditional methods of data collection as Census and Survey are important in their own right, there is a pressing need to switch over to extensive application of such modern techniques as big data analytics in order to ensure that the monitoring of progress towards achieving the SDGs is more comprehensive in coverage and real-time in nature”, he stated.

Continuing his address, Sri Pravin Srivastava said that the rich data available with Government agencies and private institutions is an asset both for the nation and the government and should be used extensively in understanding the issues relating to the concurrent progress towards such SDGs as no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, economic growth, etc.

“The Government should, therefore, seize the opportunity that this big data presents and utilize it to develop policies and deliver services to citizens”, addedSri Pravin Srivastava
Sri B P Acharya, IAS, Spl. Chief Secretary to Government & DG, Dr MCR HRD Institute presented a memento to Sri Pravin Srivastava on this occasion.
Miss Himanshi, ISS welcomed the gathering and proposed a vote of thanks.
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