Srivari Seva is Unboubtedly a Supporting arm to TTD - EO TTD

Tirumala, 30 Sep. 19: Describing Srivari Seva as a Supporting Arm of TTD,  EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal asserted that Srivari Seva Volunteers are offering impeccable services to pilgrims at Tirumala.

Addressing the jam-packed massive hall in Asthana Mandapam at Tirumala on Monday, the EO said, the dedication,  discipline and devotion of volunteers is unquestionable. However, he urged the sevakulu to give feedback so as to make improvements in pilgrim services.

Recalling their services during last year annual brahmotsavams,  Vaikuntha Ekadasi,  Radhasapthami, the EO said, 3500 sevakulu who are deployed during these occasions have rendered outstanding services. "Your services are equal to the services of 22 thousand strong work force of TTD", said EO amidst huge round of applause from sevakulu who hailed from different parts of the country for annual brahmotsavams.

Special Officer Annaprasadam Sri S Venugopal,  PRO Dr T Ravi,  APRO Ms P Neelima,  AEO Sri U Ramesh were also present.

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