Siddharth-Catherine Tresa starrer ‘Aruvam’ is all set to hit screens worldwide on October 11th, 2019. The entire team comprising of the leading artistes and other technicians from the film were present for the occasion for the media interaction session.

Here are some of the excerpts from the occasion.

Actor Siddarth said, “The major reason behind me getting into this project was one other than producer Ravindran sir of Trident Arts. He gave me a casual call one day asking if I am interested in listening to a script based on commercial package. Later, director Sai Suresh narrated me the script and I was very much interested with the basic theme, which revolves around the food adulteration. The way he had packaged the film with engaging and commercial elements were very much enchanting. It was really a greater experience shooting fo the film. I am someone, who usually believes in the concept – Better the female lead characterization, better the film would be. In this aspect, Sai Suresh has written a substantial characterization for Catherine Tresa. Satish has done a remarkable job in this film. Usually , he would be seen tickling our funny bones, but in this film, he has done a good character role. The technical team is yet another attraction, where Stunt Silva has done a remarkable stunt choreography and cinematographer Ekambaram sir together have depicted me in a complete mass avatar. There is a supernatural element in the film, but it’s not a spine-chilling horror film.”

Actress Catherine Tresa said, “For the first ever time, when director Sai Suresh narrated me the story,  I was completely happy about the basic concept of this film. Moreover, my character that has a physical challenge of not having the sense of smell made me instantly attracted to the script.   My character always remains low with inferiority complex and doesn’t feel happy about her life until she finds a purpose. When I got to know that Siddarth is playing the lead role, it was yet another reason why I signed the film for it would be a great learning experience for him. He is so much dedicated, passionate and knows each and every nuance of performance and technical values.”

Actor Satish said, “I would distinctly ennoble Siddarth as ‘Kutty Kamal’. Be it performance or his outstanding knowledge about the technical panorama, he is always aware about it. Working with him was a memorable experience. I thank director Sai Suresh for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this film. I am sure, this isn’t going to be a routine commercial entertainer but at the same time will have a deep impact on the audiences to think about the social issue that is prevailing today in our society. I am also quite happy that my role isn’t limited to a comedian, but has some prominence for the character role.”

Director Sai Suresh said, “First and foremost, I would like to thank producer R Ravindran sir of Trident Art Films for giving me an opportunity to direct a film for his banner. The first reason why I wanted Siddarth sir to be a part of this film was his avatar of Mr. Clean in the real life. At the same time, there were some doubts prevailing in me, whether he would be showing consent to work with me for he is really intellectual in screenwriting, directing, acting and all the technical departments. However, when I walked out of his house after narration, I got to see another dimension of personality for he raises a stray dog at his house with so much of love.  In spite of having so much knowledge about cinema, he never interfered in any of my writing and gave complete freedom throughout the process. Aruvam will be an out and out commercial entertainer with some supernatural elements. Moreover, it has a concept that we as a team believes will have an impact on audiences when they are about to munch in a food item outside. Siddarth will be seen as a food inspector and Catherine as Jyothi, a teacher who is kind hearted and yet has an issue of not having the sense of taste.”

Actor Kabir said, “The whole experience of working in Aruvam was a big experience. Working with ace actors like Siddarth was a learning experience. Catherine Tresa has done a remarkable job in this film. I am very much happy to be working with Sai Suresh, who has come up with a unique story.”

The others present for the occasion were Madhusudhan Rao, Cinematographer Ekambaram and others in the production team. Couple of sneak peeks, trailer and a song from ‘ARUVAM’ were screened for the special invitees.

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