Bhadradri Ramudu Rides on Hanumantha Vahanam

Tiruchanoor, 26 Nov. 19: Goddess Padmavathi Devi in the guise of Bhadradri Ramudu took out a celestial ride on Hanumantha Vahanam. 

On the fourth day evening, the devotees witnessed the goddess on the divine Hanumantha in Ramavatara. 

Holding bow and arrows in her one hand and another hand in blessing pose, Goddess in all Her divine splendour granted boons to devotees who converged on Tuesday evening to witness the grand procession. 

The Hanumantha Vahana implies Saranagati Prapatti-the total surrender before Master. It is Hanuman who has been revered as Lord on par with His Master. This shows that the Lord never leaves his devotee if the later offers dedicated and selfless services to Him. The lord in fact offers His beloved Bhakta a pride place on par with Him. 

HH Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamy, HH Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, Addl CVSO Sri Sivakumar Reddy, AEO Sri Subramanyam, Suptd Sri Gopalakrishna Reddy, VGO Sri Prabhakar, Agama Advisor Sri Srinivasa Charyulu, Arjitham Inspector Sri Srinivasulu and others took part.

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