7.7 lakh people visited Sabarimala; Virtual queue gets traction

According to the police so far, 7,71,288 people have visited Sabarimala. Out of these, 266,110 were booked via virtual queue. 3,823 people reached Sannidhanam through the meadow. On December 2, 52,060 people had visited the temple. There is an increase in the number of people booking In virtual queue. In this case, the authorities are considering limiting the number of  bookers on the virtual queue. Special officer Dr. A Srinivasan, who is in charge of security at Sannidhanam, said that though the pilgrim inflow is on the rise, there is still a good chance of pilgrimage without any problems. Around 1,100 police personnel have been posted for duty in Sannidhanam. There are 10 DYSPs are supervising them.

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