All Set For Radhasapthami

Tirumala 30, January 2020: TTD has set for organizing Surya Jayanthi also called Ratha Sapthami at Tirumala on February 1.

TTD has made adequate arrangements in four mada streets to facilitate huge turn out of devotees for this one day brahmotsavams on which Sri Venkateswara Swamy rides on Sapta vahanams on a single day starting from morning to evening.

As Rathasapthami is being observed as the Birth occasion of Sun God, Sri Malyappa Swamy as Surya Narayana murthy takes ride on Surya Prabha Vahanam which commences from Vahana Mandapam at 5.30 hours. The devotees occupy all galleries to catch the glimpse of first rays of sun touching the Lord. Then follows other vahanams with a break of Chakra Snanam in the afternoon.

Chinna Sesha Vahanam -9am to 10am

Garuda vahanam -11am- 12 noon.

Hanumanta vahanam - 1pm-2pm

Chakra Snanam- 2pm-3 pm.

Kalpavruksha vahanam - 4pm-5pm

Sarvabhoopala vahanam 6pm-7 pm

Chandra Prabha vahanam 8pm-9 pm.

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