Paruveta Observed with Religious Enthusiasm

Tirumala, 16 Jan. 20: The traditional Hunt Festival, Paruveta Utsavam, was observed with utmost religious enthusiasm in Tirumala on Thursday.

Usually, this fete is performed on the day of Kanuma. Lord Malayappa Swamy wearing armour, carrying all His weapons goes on a hunt in the wildwood to save the fauna from the attacks of wild beasts. Sri Krishna Swamy varu on another palanquin also accompanied Lord Malayappa for this mock hunt fete.

Both the deities were seated in Paruveta Mandapam and Astanam was performed. After Harikatha Parayanam, Veda Stuti,  Annamacharya Sankeertana Nivedana,  Melam, the Lord proceeded majestically for mock hunt along with Sri Krishna Swamy.

Before the Hunting fete commenced, Sri Krishna Swamy was rendered ceremonious honours by Sannidhi Golla. Later, the priests on behalf of Lord threw the sharp weapons thrice and hunted the animals which are hiding in the bushes. The devotees who had converged to witness this mock hunt festival enjoyed the fete thoroughly.

Meanwhile, TTD has cancelled all arjitha sevas for the day following the Paruveta Utsavam in Tirumala. 

Temple Priests Sri Venugopala Dikshitulu, Sri Anantasayana Dikshitulu, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, Deputy EO Sri Harindranath, VGO Sri Manohar and other temple staff, large number of devotees took part in this Hunt Festival.

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