Precaution taken for managing rush at Sabarimala during Makara Vilakku

The meeting of the heads of various departments at the Devaswom Guest House has decided to take necessary steps for the departments concerned to control the rush during the Makara Vilakku festival day. The arrangement of barricades and lighting systems will be completed as soon as possible. The ways at Sabarimala will be cleaned. A perfect control system will be put in place at Sopanam to avoid congestion to view the Makara Vilakku.

A fire inspection in several of the hotels in Sannidhanam found that gas cylinders were kept in excess in numbers. These hoteliers were told to move the extra cylinders to the gas house or to keep them safe in the open space behind the shop. The fire inspection will find a location that is fire hazard areas and will install an air dryer. In view of the congestion on 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th, the drinking water supply will be made more efficient. Devaswom Board will supply biscuits and drinking water to the devotees. The Excise Department has so far taken 85 cases under the Tobacco Control Act. The Department of Health has announced that it has stocked anti-venom drugs and rabies vaccines.

Executive Officer VS Rajendra Prasad, Special Officer Sujith Das, and Duty Magistrate Jayamohan attended the meeting.

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