Vedas Reflects Presence of God - Chaganti

Tirupati, 12 January 2020: Renowned philosopher and spiritual exponent Brahmarshi Chaganti Koteshwar Rao advocated that Vedas are the true form of the divine message of God for universal well-being and peace and they reflect His presence.

During his religious discourse on the theme Veda culture and Bhakti Vaibhavam at the Geeta Jayanti platform of SV high school grounds on Sunday evening, he said Vedic practices were scientific and as per tenets of Dharma and one who followed the Vedas will gain Atma Jnanam which will lead everyone to Moksha.

He lauded the efforts and campaign initiated by TTD for promotion, protection and propagation of Vedas.

Earlier Vedic pundits of SV Higher Vedic Studies Institute (SVHVSI) presented one hour-long Veda Swasti of all four Vedas. OSD SVHVSI Dr Vibhishana Sharma presided over the event in which a large number of citizens of Tirupati participated.

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