Exciting TTD Employees Sports Meet

Tirupati, 4 Feb. 20: The annual sports meet of TTD employees reached an exciting and dynamic level on Tuesday.

Following are results of the sports events.


In the singles event for senior officials, Smt Jhansi Rani bagged the title against Dr B Kusuma while in the doubles event Smt Kasturi Bai and Dr B Kusuma lifted the title.


In the below 40years category for women Smt Dhanalakshmi team won over Smt Mahalakshmi team.


In the 41-50 women’s singles event, K Padma won over T Rajeshwari. In the doubles, the team K Padma and T Rajeshwari triumphed over N Sudha Rani and G Sumalatha.


In the chess competition for 50+ men Sri Sheik Mastan defeated Sri V Ramana.
In the singles event for deaf and dumb Sri Chandrasekhar won over Sri Nagaraj.
For deaf and dumb women contest B.Gauri beat Kumari.


In the carroms single event for TTD retired women, Smt B Surekha easily won over Smt D Bharathi. In the doubles, Team of Dr Padmavathi and Dr Pornavalli remained victorious over Smt BSurekha and Smt R Padmavathamma.

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