From the Desk of Director Shankar

I am yet to recover from the shock, pain and trauma caused by the unfortunate accident that happened at the sets of Indian 2... I am trying to recover from it.
The death of Krishna who joined my team as an Assistant Director just a month back has completely shaken me. It is hard to find a good assistant director. Within a few days, Krishna understood the magnitude of this huge project and excelled in his work.
It was unfortunate that my satisfaction of having found a promising assistant director didn’t last long. His mother’s tears and anguish when I met her at Krishna’s home that day still haunts me.
I was heartbroken to see Production Boy Madhu at the mortuary who always stood beside me at the shooting spot and served tea, coffee, snacks and whatever I asked for immediately.
Knowing that there was work for a month in Indian 2 sets, Chandran from the Art Department, voluntarily came forward with a lot of interest. He joined us in this schedule only. When I came to know about this, I was deeply pained.
I am unable to overcome this terrible mishap that fell upon us in spite of several precautions and safety measures implemented.
The loss of these lives torment me more than the thought that I was miraculously saved.
Looking at the sufferings and sorrow that this accident has afflicted on the families of the departed, the injured, their families, the workers and all those involved, I feel that it would have been better if the crane had fallen on me.
I convey my heartfelt condolences to Krishna’s parents, his wife, his family members, Madhu’s family and Mr Chandran’s family.
Whatever help or assistance extended to these families, can never compensate the loss of these lives. But I feel that a monetary assistance will be of a small help in some way or the other to their families. I humbly convey that, I am giving a sum of 1 Crore Rupees to the families of the affected.
I sincerely pray for them to recover soon from their unbearable loss and grief.

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