Majestic Trishul Snanam at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Vari Temple

Tirupati, 23 Feb. 20: Heralding the grand finale of the annual Brahmotsavams of TTD local temple of Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple an majestic Trishula snanam was performed on Sunday morning after the Surya Prabha vahanam with participation of TTD JEO Sri P Basant Kumar along with countless devotees.

Earlier a traditional snapana thirumanjanam was performed to Trishula the weapon of Sri Skandamurthy. 

Speaking after the Agama ritual heralding, the fav end of the annual Brahmotsavams, the JEO Sri Basant Kumar said devotees were happy about arrangements made by TTD and had participated u. Large number and befit lords blessings.

The Brahmotsavams final event of Dwaja Avarohanam was held on Sunday evening followed by the Ravanasura vahanam at night.

DyEO Sri Subramanyam, Superintendent Sri Bhupathi Raju, Temple inspectors Sri Reddy Sekhar and Sri Srinivas Naik and others participated.


·      TTD spent 20.5 lakhs for civil engineering works and 6 lakhs for electrical decorations.
·      TTD served Anna Prasadam to 500 devotees daily during Brahmotsavams and for thousands on theNa di vahanam day besides drinking water, milk, buttermilk etc. daily.
·      In all four tons of flower Meereen used for Vahanam and temple decorations.
·      Security was provided with 100 TTD vigilance, 350 Srivari Sevakulu, and 100 scouts and guides.
·      Adequate parking and traffic management was also organised.

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