Non Stop Annamaiah Sankeerthan Akanda Maha Yajnam Begins

Tirupati, 24 Feb. 20: The Annamaiah sankeertans Akhanda Maha Yajnam of 24 hours non stop singing of Annamacharya sankeertans organised by the TTD to highlight the significance of Bhakti culture began ceremoniously at the Annamacharya Kala mandir on Monday evening.

Earlier Annamaiah utsava idol will be taken in a procession on Monday afternoon with artists singing Annamacharya sankeertans and Mangala vadyams all the way from TTD administrative building to Kala mandir.

Thereafter the non-stop Annamaiah sankeertans will be sung by devotees and artists from Monday evening to till Tuesday night 9.00 pm.

Director of TTDs Annamacharya Project Acharya Bhamidipati Vishwanath, eminent scholar Dr Samudrala Lakshmiah, and artists of Annamacharya project from all regions participated.

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