Pournami Garuda Seva Attracts Huge Crowds

Tirumala, 9 Feb. 20: Pournami Garuda Seva was observed with celestial fervour on Sunday evening at Tirumala on the auspicious occasion of Magha Pournami amidst huge gathering of pilgrims in the galleries of Mada streets. 

The Lord glided on His favourite carrier Garuda along the four-Mada streets, blessing His devotees. 

The paraphernalia in front of the vahanam along with a rhythmic recitation of the Nalayira Divya Prabandha Parayanam by Parayanamdars added the majesty to the procession.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy of Tirumala, Spl Invitee of TTD Board Sri B Karunakar Reddy, Board Member Sri Venkataprasad Kumar, Additional EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, DyEO Sri Harindranath and others were also present. 

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