Scared Seeds Sown for Annual Brahmotsavams at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Vari Temple

Tirupati, 13 Feb. 20: Ahead of the annual Brahmotsavams beginning from February 14 onwards in the famous Lord Shiva temple of TTD at Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple, the traditional seed sowing fete, Ankurarpanam was observed in a religious manner on Thursday evening.

Earlier Veedhi utsavam was conducted to the utsava idol of Sri Vinayaka Swamy.

Meanwhile, TTD had rolled out all preparations including rangoli, floral and electrical decorations, barricades and additional security with vigilance, Police Srivari Sevakulu and scouts were drafted at the temple. 

Nearly four tons of flowers including traditional and ornamental are indented for use in nine days of Brahmotsavams along with electrical illumination.

DyEO Sri Subramanyam, Superintendent Sri Bhupathi, temple inspectors Sri Reddy Sekhar, Sri Srinivasa Naik and other officials participated in Ankurarpanam fete.

Following are the schedule of vahanams of the Brahmotsavams.

14-02-2020(Friday) Dwajarohanam           in kumbha lagnam Pallaki utsavam and Hamsa vahanam

15-02-2020(Saturday) Surya Prabha and Chandra Prabha vahana 

16-02-2020(Sunday) Bhoota vahanam and Simha vahanam

17-02-2020(Monday) Makara and Sesha Vahanams 

18-02-2020(Tuesday) Tiruchi utsavam and Adhikara Nandi vahanam

19-02-2020(Wednesday) Vyaghra vahanam ans Gaja vahanam

20-02-2020(Thursday) Kalpavruksha and Aswa Vahanam 

21-02-2020(Friday) Rathotsavam and Nandi vahanam on the day of Maha Sivarathri

22-02-2020(Saturday) Purusha Mruga, Kalyanotsavam and Tiruchi utsavam 

23-02-2020(Sunday) Ravanasura vahanam of Nataraja, Surya Prabha Trishul snanam and Dwajavarohanam.

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