Skandamurthy on Tiruchi at Brahmotsavams of Sri Kapileswara Swamy Vari Temple

Tirupati, 18 Feb. 20: Sri Somaskanda Murthy took celestial rides on Tiruchi to bless devotees on the fifth day of annual Brahmotsavams of Sri Kapileswara temple on Tuesday morning.

His grand procession on the streets of Tirupati with its ensemble of bhajans and Mangala vadyams was a spectacle of devotional fervour.

After TTD organised snapana thirumanjanam for the utsava idols of Sri Skandamurthy, Sri Kamakshi, the deities will be paraded in the evening on Adhikara Nandi vahanam.

DyEO Sri Subramanyam, superintendent Sri Bhupathi Raju, AVSO Sri Surendra and others took part.

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