TTD Employees Annual Sportsmeet Concludes on 17th Feb

Tirupati, 15 Feb. 20: The 15-day Sports meet of TTD will conclude on February 17 with the presentation ceremony on Monday evening at the Mahati Auditorium in Tirupati.

The annual sports, which began on February 2, was observed in a big way with the enthusiastic participation of employees of all categories and ages including retired. 

Events like Tug of war, Volleyball, Chess, Carroms, Ball badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Shuttle, Tennis and Tennikoit apart from Cricket and entertaining events like bucketing the ball, hitting the Indian cricket club, passing the luggage etc. Were played.

At the valedictory session the winners will be presented prizes and citations and later there will be cultural programmes presented by the family members of the TTD employees.

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