Chanting Veda Mantras is Remedy for all Illiness

Tirumala, 18 Mar. 20: Chanting and listening to Vedic hymns is a sure cure to all ailments and diseases asserted Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidya Peetham.

Addressing on the occasion of Veda Mantra Japa Yagnam programme at Asthana Mandapam on Wednesday evening he said, Vedas are the divine scriptures and the Vedic sounds itself cures all diseases, he maintained.

He said the Vedic pundits in the Japam are reciting the Arogya Mantras from Rig, Yajur, Sama, Adharvana Vedas are being recited.

Higher Vedic Studies Special Officer Dr Vibhishana Sharma and others were also present.

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