Harmful Virus Warding Off Mantras Recited During Arogya Japa Yagnam

Tirumala, 22 March 2020: The ongoing Srinivasa Veda Mantra Arogya Japa Yagnam organised by the SV Higher Vedic Studies Institute of TTD for getting relief to humanity from clutches of pandemic diseases entered the seventh day on Sunday.

The Maha Yajnam with Arogya mantras is being conducted from March 16 by the TTD to protect humanity and also to ensure all round development in a peaceful and healthy environment.

Vedic exponents are chanting maha pourohitya mantra from Rigveda, and Saurava, Aruna mantras from Sukla Yajurveda, Krishna Yajurveda Pranayanam and Raouthuvam mantras from Sama Veda creating a holy vacuum causing demolition of viruses, disease-causing germs etc.

Similarly, the chanting of Arogya mantras of Atharvana Veda warding off of psychological scares and panic is expected to go a long way in healing the pandemic and blossoming of life in all living beings were also recited by pundits. It is anticipated that in the ensuing spring all life-bearing atoms and cells will be rejuvenated without harmful virus impact through Veda parayanams and Japam organised by the TTD.

Project officer Dr Akella Vibhishana Sharma, Karnataka State TTD Veda Parayanams co-ordinator Brahmarshi Virabhadra Ganapathi, 30 Vedic Pundits from Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu participated.

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