Sri Srinivas Shantyutsava Sahita Dhanwantari Maha Yagam Commences at Dharmagiri

Tirumala, 26 Mar. 20: In order beget the blessings of Sri Venkateswara Swamy towards the welfare of humanity freeing it from the clutches of Covid 19 Corona Virus, TTD is organising a three day Sri Srinivasa Shantyutsava Sahita Dhanwantari Maha yagam at the Dharmagiri Veda Vijnan peetham in Tirumala which commenced on Thursday.

Speaking about the importance of the Yagnam, Sri Mohanarangacharyulu, Vaikhanasa Agama Advisor said, Vaikhanasa Agama Shastra indicates three types of utsavams are conducted to Lord including Nityotsavams, Shraddhotsavams and Shantyotsavams that are conducted.

To invoke the blessings of Lord at times of pandemics, natural calamities acts of violence and global scare, Shantyotsavams are being conducted. "We have commenced the Yagam with Akalmasha Puja after Sankalpam. As a part of thus the blessings of Sri Dhanwantari, the God of medicine is invoked. 

Maha Purnahuti is performed on March 28 after the conclusion of Vishesha homas.

The Kumbum which is worshipped all the three days will be thereafter immersed in reservoirs and dams of Tirumala and it is believed that the divine waters will mix with the environment through air and eliminate the unhealthy viruses and elements.

Meanwhile, Seven sacred Homa pyres are set up (five for Srinivasa Murthy, one for Sri Dhanwantari and one for Prayaschitta homa and in all 11 Rutwiks are performing the Yagam. During the Yagam the Rutwiks will recite Parayanams of the Veda mantras from Chaturvedas appeasing Lord Surya and Asta Dikpalakas.

TTD Addnl. EO Sri AV Dharma Reddy, temple OSD Sri P Seshadri participated.  

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