Sri Vari Hundi Collected ₹ 89.07 Crores

Tirupati, 06 March 2020 : A Record number of 21.68 lakh devotees had Srivari Darshan in February 2020

A record number of 21.68 lakh devotees had darshan of  Sri Venkateswara Swamy in the month of February and in the same period the Srivari Hundi income also recorded a huge amount of 89.07 crore.

Following are the details of Srivari darshan and revenue from Srivari Hundi,  laddu Prasadam,  sale of tonsured hair ,rooms etc besides Anna Prasadam distributions, in February.


A record 21.68 lakh devotees got Srivari darshan last month in comparison to only 19.93 lakhs in February last year.


TTD collected   89.07cr  in February this year as against  83.44cr in February last year.


While 43.94 lakh devotees were provided Annaprasadams in February of 2019 while, nearly 48.40 lakh devotees were enjoyed Annaprasadam in February this year.


83.91 lakh laddus were sold to devotees this February as against 82.38 lakh laddu Prasadam in February last.


In all 07.77 lakhs devotees got hair tonsuring done at Tirumala in February this year as against 06.70 lakhs during the same period last year


TTD has achieved a record 103 % occupancy of rooms in February this year as against 102 % occupancy in February last year.

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