Aditya Music has donated Thirty-one Lakhs (31 lakhs) to Telangana CM Relief Fund

The leading music company of South India, Aditya Music has donated a sum of Thirty-one Lakhs (31 Lakhs) to the CM Relief Fund, Telangana to help fight the current COVID19 pandemic. Mr Umesh Gupta, Mr Dinesh Gupta, Mr Subhash Gupta and Mr Aditya Gupta, met Honourable IT minister KTR garu and handed over the cheque in presence of Talasani Srinivas yadav Garu, Minister of Cinematography as a Mark of solidarity with Govt’.s efforts to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the state.

Mr Umesh Gupta, MD of Aditya Music was quoted saying, “We are all in a highly vulnerable stage right now. To support our government’s efforts in fighting the deadly COVID19, we are doing our bit towards the CM relief fund. As a nation we need to abide by the rules and we urge one and all to stay home and prevent the spread of this virus”

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