GHMC Women’s self help preparing Masks

With the spread of Covid -19 world wide,doctors across the world opined that the  precautionary methods can only curb the spread of the virus. Keeping in view of the severity of the situation the government has announced lockdown. And also advised public to follow all precautionary methods while coming out for purchasing essential commodities.Sanitation workers have become unsung heroes  doing cleaning work and making city clean.For the safety of sanitation workers GHMC zonal commissioners have distributed masks GHMC has taken a decision to distribute reusable cloth masks which can be used after washing. GHMC has entrusted the work of stitching cloth masks to SHG woman who got trained in Urban community development wing in stitching. 200 SHG woman are given the task  to stich cloth masks.Maintaining social distancing 3 to 4 woman teamed up and stiched around 20 thousand masks since April 8th 2020.  SHG have promised to stich 60 thousand masks in next two days.SHG  woman expressed their happiness for being a part of the steps taken by the government to combat Covid-19 spread.GHMC to pay  Rs 12/- per cloth mask costing about Rs7.2 lakh  to SHG woman .In view of the lockdown GHMC officials spoke to cloth merchants and has supplied cloth to SHG woman for stiching cloth masks.These clothmasks will be distributed to all 20 thousand sanitation workers and also 2500 swachh auto drivers and their assistants at the rate of two masks each.GHMC is going to distribute these masks in addition to the masks given earlier.
-Press note

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