Sri Dhanvanthri Maha Mantra Goes Global

Tirupati, 23 April 2020 : Following the over response by devotees for the live telecast of Yoga vasistha Dhanvantari Maha Mantra, the TTD has uploaded the slokas on its website for devotees to conduct parayanams at their own convenience.

In response to the devotee following slokas are uploaded in Tamil, Telugu and Sanskrit on the TTD website  www.tirumala.org and also the SVBC  portal of www.svbcttd.com with right click option of free downloads.


The legends say that the Yoga Vashisth mantra with 32,000 slokas represented the Tatvika image of Sri Rama as indicated by Maharshi Valmiki in Ramayana.

According to Sri Kuppa Shiva Subramaniam Avadhani, Principal of the Dharmagiri Veda Vignana Peetham, the unique mantra appeared in the 69 th chapter (third subsection of the 6th section) and comprises 17 slokas.


For the well being of humanity from the clutches of pandemic corona virus COVID 19, TTD launched the parayanams of the  Yoga Vasistha Dhanvantari Maha Mantra on April 10th under the aegis of Dharmagiri Veda Vignan Peetham at the NadaNeerajanam platform. 25 Vedic pundits including students of Dharmagiri Veda Peetham perform the parayanams daily.

The pundits also chant, Sri Durga  Parameshwari Stotram conceived by the Pontiff of Sharada Peetham along with the Dhanwantari Mantra.

Apart from the Yoga Vasistha Dhanvantari Maha Mantra Parayanam, the Sloka Parayanam is done from the Ranganayakula mandapam inside Srivari temple between 9am-10am and is live telecasted by the SVBC.


Devotees across the world are following and chanting the slokas which could subside the ill effects of specific micro bacteria mentioned in Yoga Vasishta (Visoochika Nivarana Mantram) being chanted by Sri Avadhani team on SVBC. Even senior officials of TTD are also participating in the chanting of slokas  at Nada Niranjana  platform. The Vedic  pundits of Dharmagiri Peetham are also reciting Yajurveda and other Vedas at the RangaNayakula mandapam.

It may be recalled that the live telecasting of series of Parayanams and Yagams commenced on SVBC with Srinivasa Veda Mantra Arogya Japa Yagnam from March 16 followed by Dhanwantari Yagam, Sloka Parayanam which have continued till date. 

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