Sri Sita Rama Swamy Vari Kalyanam Performed at Vontimitta

Vontimitta, 7 Apr. 20: The celestial wedding ceremony, Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam was observed with utmost devotion and religious splendour in Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple at Vontimitta in YSR Kadapa district on Tuesday evening.

The divine event is being observed as a State event every year since 2015 in this TTD taken over an ancient temple, which is located about 110km from Tirupati and 20km from Kadapa.

But this year, due to the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown restrictions, this fete has been observed in a solemn manner without mass gathering and the celestial wedding ceremony took place in the temple premises itself instead of Kalyana Vedika.

Earlier, in the evening, the Assistant Commissioner of Endowments Department, Kadapa, Sri Shankar Balaji presented Mutyala Talambralu and Silk Vastrams on behalf of State Government for the auspicious occasion.

The celestial marriage commenced at 7pm in the temple with Bhagavat Vignapanam and lasted upto 9pm, followed by a series of ritual procedures including Anugna, Sankalpam, Punyahavachanam as per the tenets of Pancharatra Agama in the auspicious Lagnam.

After this, Raksha Bandhanam was performed by the Archakas under the directions of Archaka Chief Sri Rajesh Bhattar followed by Yagnopaveeta Dharana, Kanyavaranam, Madhuparkarchanam.

The priests later performed Kanyadanam and read out the ancestral tree of both the Bride and the Bridegroom. This is followed by the traditional Giraguda Prakshepanam and the priests recited Mangalastakam, Choornika.

After all the series of rituals, the much-awaited episode, Mangalyasutra Pooja, Mangalyasutra Dharana, Akshataropanam were performed with utmost religious fervour amidst chanting of Vedic hymns by the priests. The celestial fete completed after Nivedana, Veda Swasti, Mahadaseervachanam.

Temple DyEO Sri Lokanatham was also present. 


In view of COVID 19 lockdown restrictions underway,  this state festival which was live telecasted by SVBC,  witnessed by tens of thousands of devotees who are present not alone in the district but across the country and world.

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