Baseless Rumours Against TTD

TIRUMALA, MAY 3, 2020: TTD denied the reports that Srivari temple was opened up on Friday for sake of TTD chairman Sri YVSubba Reddy for darshan and also that it has sacked1300 sanitary workers.

In a statement released on Sunday, TTD clarified that daily rituals are being continued in the Srivari temple in Ekantam even during the lockdown period.

The TTD Chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy, being the Trust Board Chief holds the supervisory powers to observe rituals in Tirumala and TTD temples. As a part of this he visited the temple on Friday. 

On May 1, Friday, incidentally it happened to be the birthday of Chairman and he visited temple along with his spouse and mother. Rumours that TTD has opened the temple doors for Chairman is completely baseless. The Chairman shall participate in Friday Abhishekam for two weeks in a month as per norms which is in vogue since several years.

said it was totally untruth and baseless to say that Srivari temple was opened up for the Chairman’s visit. 

TTD board members and officials are committed to preserve the basic Agama traditions and Sanatana Dharma.

It is unfortunate that such unnecessary and unwanted allegations are heaped on TTD by vested interests in spite of strictly observing and respecting the norms in the temple as per religious tenets.

Facts about sanitary workers removal:

The term of the sanitary facilitation contractor ended on April 30  and no tender proceedings were taken up during the Corona Lockdown period as per court directions.

So the 1300 sanitary workers were removed by the contractor and TTD has nothing to do with it. However, media reports have ignorantly put the blame on TTD without verifying the facts.

In spite of this, the TTD has extended the contract period for one more month and ensured work for all 1300 workers on humanitarian grounds. 

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