Dr.Tamilisai Soundararajan, Hon’ble Governor visited ESIC Medical College, Sanathnagar

Hon’ble Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan has visited ESIC Medical College, Sanathnagar today and congratulated the doctors and Para-medical staff for their exemplary services in combating the pandemic COVID-19.

Mobile Virology and Diagnostics Laboratory (MVRDL):  

The Governor lauded the efforts of Director General, DRDO, Mr. M.S.R. Prasad, Director, ESIC Medical College, and Dr M. Srinivas  for developing a much needed Mobile Virology Research and Diagnostics Laboratory (MVRDL) which could process 1,000 to 2,000 samples a day.

Ayushman Bharat: 

Speaking on the occasion the Governor urged the State Government to join the Centre's flagship health insurance scheme, Ayushman Bharat as it will benefit many poor and vulnerable people of the State.  She stressed the need for providing prompt healthcare to non-COVID patients and urged for developing SoPs for these patients both in Public and Private Hospitals.

She also appreciated the efforts of the scientists of DRDO and other central government institutions located at Hyderabad for developing low cost, high volume equipment ranging from high protection face masks to full body protection suits and multi-patient ventilators desperately needed in the fight against Covid-19.

Earlier, the Governor visited the Virology laboratory, the oncology and dialysis wards and interacted with the patients who are greatly delighted and satisfied with the services  provided by the ESIC.
 -Press note

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